Project Description


Compact Substation

PUCBET is a compact substation designed for outdoor installation. In order to meet the specific needs of each project and each customer, several confi gurations of PUCBET are available in several models of existing concrete buildings.

The several available concrete buildings allow for various equipment combinations. It is possible to install dry or oil-immersed power transformers/converters and also to install medium voltage equipment, either air-insulated or full SF6-insulated equipment.

PUCBET is a precast building with dimensions that make it possible to implement any Medium Voltage electrical arrangement, perfectly adapting to the various uses and needs of the customer in scope of both public and private distribution. The high reliability and resistance of this equipment is ensured by the quality of the reinforced concrete, which provides a resistance higher than 300 kg/cm² and full impermeability. It should be stressed the importance of the concrete shell’s very high mechanical resistance, since the sites where this type of equipment is installed are, most of the times, accessible to the public and not fenced.

  • Follows all applicable standards and regulations, ensuring a full operational safety
  • Manufactured in highly resistant and fully impermeable reinforced concrete
  • Allows for the use of any type of cladding and outer coating
  • Ventilation windows and grids in painted and galvanized steel
  • Resistant to the most extreme weather conditions and tested for seismic environments
  • Simple to integrate in rural and urban environments
  • Great fl exibility in the use of inner space
  • Adapted to several kinds of equipment (public and private)
  • Easy to transport and assemble
  • Low construction cost
  • Short delivery times
  • Turnkey solution
  • Power convertors (Inverters) for renewable energies