Project Description


Compact Switchgear

This solution has modular and compact cubicles with full SF6 insulation for medium voltage networks up to 36 kV. It is a modular solution for easy installation due to its dimensions and weight.

Operational safety is ensured by tests carried out in conformity with the most demanding standards, including the construction and weather resistance of the solutions. This solution allows for numerous confi gurations as well as the incorporation of several options in keeping with the demands of the customer.

The reduced dimensions allow for installation in compact substations. Available with up to 5 functions in a single stainless steel hermetically isolated tank, which ensures the protection of its active components against harsh environments.

It is available in a compact version that minimizes on-site work and a modular version that maximizes different function settings.

  • Compact switchgear with SF6 insulation
  • Equipped with an SF6 load break switch
  • Equipped with a vacuum circuit breaker
  • Developed in accordance with International Standard IEC 62271-200
  • Unaff ected by weather conditions
  • Compact or modular version
  • Internal arc resistant
  • High electric and mechanical life (E3 and M2 classes)
  • Stainless steel tank