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Grid Connected PV System - Molina De Seguro

  • Client Molina de Seguro, Spain
  • Year 2010 - 2011
  • Country Espanha

Scope of activities and special characteristics relevant to the contract undertaken by Efacec:

- Efacec was responsible for supplying a complete and integrated solution for a Photovoltaic project to distribute energy to the Electrical Grid;
- The project includes the supply of photovoltaic equipment. Efacec conversion equipment (inverters), medium voltage equipment (Efacec transformers and switchgear) and special engineering solutions have to be created to install such a system.

System’s Main Blocks

- Photovoltaic array: 1.7 MWp;
- Nominal power: 1.4 MW;
- Brand of modules: Renesola;
- Inverter: Efacec;
- Remote control: Efacec.