Solar Power

Wind Power

Wave Power



Energy Efficiency 



Efacec’s portfolio comprises products and services that use renewable energy sources such as:

• Photovoltaic Solar Power;

• Wind Power;

• Wave Power. 

Innovative vision gives rise to the social, political and ecological awareness of a problem that affects us all, making us constantly seek solutions that contribute towards the planet’s well being.
This is also Efacec’s mission.
The added and differentiating value that Efacec offers is its capacity to manage rather complex projects and to integrate and develop different technologies.

Our Mission

In the area of Renewable Energies, Efacec is positioned in all domains as a main contractor, installer or equipment supplier. Our mission is to be part of the entire value chain of renewable energies, focusing on promotion and technology development, project management and product, solutions and systems integration, capitalizing on the dedication, technical skills and entrepreneurship of its staff, and proactively contributing towards the improvement of the Global Environment.