The 1st Efacec Technology Community Day was an initiative led by the Technology Management Office (GdT) and represented one more important step towards the achievement of the objectives set by the Executive Committee – a strong commitment to technological innovation across the organization and an increasing and structured promotion of the sharing of knowledge in structuring functional areas.

Under the organizational leadership of the Technology Management Office, the 1st Efacec Technology Community Day took place on April 5, at the Porto Business School. Throughout the day and in a forum dedicated to the strategic debate about the technological future of Efacec, we assisted to the active participation of the Executive Committee, corporate directors, members of the technological community of all Business Units , elements of the different corporate areas and of a guest speaker, Mrs Teresa Passos, a specialist in human attitudes and behavior, from the International Consultancy Dynargie, founded in Switzerland in 1982.

The event was dedicated to technological innovation in the different BUs of Efacec, focusing on the main recent technological developments and the broad sharing of the Strategic Plan for Technological Development 2017-2021 of each BU. It highlights the market perspective, technological trends and key areas for the BU as well as the future ambition for the positioning and supply of each BU. The Technological Plan for the development of new products, solutions, services and the improvement of internal processes was shared in order to highlight how to improve the competitiveness of the BU in the markets in which it operates or intends to act in the medium term. This broad sharing of strategic priorities for technological innovation is the starting point for identifying synergies and for drawing up the future Efacec Technology Roadmap .

The event also served for the Technology Management Office to share, with the approximately 90 employees attending the session, the significant increase in the number of Research and Technological Development projects underway under the European Program Horizon 2020 or Portugal 2020 , as well as the high potential of generation of endogenous value of each project.

Before the closure of the session, at charge of the CEO of Efacec, Ângelo Ramalho, Mrs. Teresa Passos made an interesting intervention, highlighting the growing importance of soft-skills in the success of the transformational processes that are becoming more updated, under the theme Innovation Mindset & Design Thinking.

This 1st Efacec Technology Community Day, dedicated to the Technological Innovation pillar of the Efacec 2020 Transformation Plan, reinforces the spirit of sharing, highlighting several synergies with high potential to maximize the value chain of Efacec supply.