Project Description

ScateX# RAIL

Network Manager

The latest installment of the long running network SCADA solution from Efacec that scales to large SCADA networks; advanced DMS or EMS applications for electrical transmission, distribution or generation; railway and metro integrated management applications or supervision of technical infrastructures; including operator training systems and field crew management, among others.

ScateX+ RAIL

ScateX# RAIL bundles SCADA, operations management, power applications, condition monitoring and technical supervision, and providing a framework for seamlessly integrating railway applications and systems.

ScateX# RAIL enables network operators to efficiently manage the railway electrification system, including substations and catenaries, as well as the infrastructure, including stations, facilities, communication systems, video-surveillance systems, public information systems, ticketing, signalling, level crossings, fire detection systems, pumping systems, exhaust and ventilation systems, escalators and lifts, auxiliary devices, access gates, etc.

  • Unified and powerful operations user interface
  • Full set of power management applications
  • Fully integrated real-time OMS application
  • Operator training system
  • System historian
  • Flexible and scalable platform
  • Open and modular infrastructure
  • Advanced engineering system
  • Seamless application and systems integration
  • High availability and cyber-secure product platform
  • Immediate situation awareness and intuitive real-time operation
  • Improved system reliability and quality of service
  • Optimal asset and resource utilization
  • Straightforward deployment, integration and maintenance
  • Deliver real-time process and operations information throughout the organization
  • Tailor-made solutions to meet the exact needs of each project