Project Description


Small RTU and Automation Unit

The micro URR is a compact and cost-effective small RTU solution that is both flexible and integration friendly, featuring integrated PLC logic engine and sub-RTU aggregation together with I/O and remote communications.

Unlike other RTU solutions, micro URR includes open IEC 61131-3 programming and IEC 61850 communications. This not only enables smart remote control but also advanced applications such as distributed automation in wide-area systems.

Local data recording, flexible communications and user programming also allow the user to integrate smart automation with other value-added applications such as condition monitoring or smart alarm systems.

The micro URR is Automation Studio compatible, hence offering intuitive engineering with either plug-and-play for straightforward setups or template-based approaches for large deployment scenarios.

Key Features

  • Multiple Communication Options
  • IEC 61131-3 Programming
  • Object-oriented
  • Integrated Data Recording
  • Built-in Power Supply Supervision
  • Optional Local and Web-based HMI
  • Automation Studio Toolset for Engineering


  • High Application Flexibility
  • Economical Remote Control Solution
  • Easy to Specify, Configure, Troubleshoot and Maintain
  • Easy to Integrate into Existing or New Systems
  • Compliant with State-of-the-art Standards
  • Optional IEC 61850 communications