Project Description

Series 220

The Series 220 compact protection relays and controllers are a cost-effective secure solution for line/feeder protection, recloser and sectionalizer control,
renewable plant control, as well as backup or auxiliary protection and control for transformers, generators and motors in HV/MV systems.

The fit-for-purpose design allows plug-and-play engineering together with alternatives for customization of protection schemes and user-defined PLC logic.

Full integration in the Automation Studio toolset allows simple configuration, programming and management, either in standalone or system applications.

By fully supporting multiple open communication standards, it is both future-proof and integration friendly.

Key Features

  • Combined protection, control, measurement and recording

  • Compliant with state-of-the-art standards

  • Multiple communication options

  • IEC 61131-3 logic and PLC programming

  • Watchdog and self-monitoring

  • Local and web-based interface

  • Automation studio toolset for engineering


  • Economical and secure P&C solution

  • Single device platform for all products

  • Easy to specify, configure, troubleshoot and maintain

  • Easy to integrate into existing or new systems

  • IEC 61850 option for cost-effective systems