Project Description

G Smart

Smart Controller/Meter Concentrator

Part of the SmartGate product family, the G Smart is an innovative controller for distribution networks that integrates both MV and LV network control and monitoring. While targeting advanced transformer station automation and MV circuit/feeder automation together with smart metering gateway and meter data concentrator, G Smart units can also be applied in advanced smart grid applications.

By integrating multiple automation functions with downstream LV smart meter data collection and management through multiple standard communication interfaces, G Smart enables true smart grid solutions from MV and LV network automation through street lighting, demandside management, EV smart charging and microgeneration control.

The G Smart includes built-in Web server, I/O, data storage, fault detection, communications, condition monitoring, local energy metering and power quality analysis, as well as extensive self-monitoring. Full programmability in IEC 61131-3 languages along with software APIs allow user-defined algorithms and advanced applications to be implemented according to the needs of each project.

Virtual G Smart, a software-only variant of the G Smart controller, is also available for smart metering data collection applications.

  • Advanced Smart Grid Controller
  • Multiple Communication Options
  • Local MV/LV Substation Automation
  • Street Lighting Control
  • Smart Metering Gateway
  • Local Metering and Power Quality Analysis
  • IEC 61131-3 User-Defined Automation
  • Increase the Network Reliability and QoS
  • Reduce Energy Costs and Losses
  • Improve Network Operation Efficiency
  • High Availability and Low Maintenance
  • Straightforward Meter Management
  • Support for Advanced Applications
    • Active Demand-Side Management
    • EV Smart Charging Control
    • Dispersed Microgeneration Management
    • Energy Storage Management