Project Description

SYSTEM POINT is a server-based software platform to bring unified systems and data management across the utility infrastructure, enabling end-users to manage their substation automation assets effortlessly, while remaining focused on grid and grid asset operation.

Developed specifically for the substation, system management software from Efacec integrates operational data management and system management while providing a vendor-neutral solution based on utility standards such as IEC 61850 and IEC 62351.

Integrating legacy devices or WfMS (Workforce Management System) is frequently key to modernize current infrastructure and maximize user benefits when adopting a unified system management approach. Considering that utilities have different operational needs, the system management solution can be customized and extended to fit the exact needs of each customer.

SYSTEM POINT core platform features intuitive standards-based HTML user interface which enables users to instantly access systems status and data anywhere, anytime, through both desktop and mobile computing platforms. It can be deployed in multiple configurations either in standalone station management servers, in
UC 500E/H embedded station servers as well as in hierarchical systems with dedicated central servers or virtualized environments.

It has been developed to minimize own configuration and management efforts.

  • Intuitive multi-platform and mobile web user interface
  • Automated on-event or polling-based data and record retrieval, cataloguing and storage
  • Access to disturbance records, fault reports and IED data logs
  • Access to security events, operational events and system log files for IED and networking devices
  • Automated user notifications via email with PDF reports
  • IED version and status monitoring
  • Effortless configuration through web interface, Automation Studio IDE or IEC 61850-6 SCL
  • Centralized user management
  • Scalable solution supporting local, hierarchical or centralized architectures
  • Vendor independency through full support of standards, such as IEC 61850 Ed.1 and Ed.2, FTP or Syslog
  • Straightforward server backup and restoration (disaster recovery)
  • Instant access to system status and data anywhere, anytime
  • Centralized management for all stations and devices in your infrastructure
  • Secure remote accessibility
  • Unified data and user management
  • A standards-based evolving platform for unified station operations and maintenance
  • Flexibility to customize solutions

Platform Overview

With a web-based interface based on open standards the platform was designed to enable a unique user experience across client platforms irrespectively of employed OS or browser, from desktop computing platforms to mobile or tablet devices.

For example, with URL coding of current view users can direct co-workers to actual data on the system by simply sharing of a web link.

The simplified user interface enables users to correlate different events such as cybersecurity with operational data within the scope of a single device or a device
set. With all data available in a single platform sharing information across teams or coming back to past events becomes hassle-free and a unified view of automation system operations becomes possible.

The solution also provides a configurable email notification engine that can forward event information to selected users, including auto-generated PDF reports of grid disturbances or faults.

Operational Data Management

Seamlessly captures disturbance records on-event or through polling, automatically catalogues disturbances and generates summary reports. Also enables email
notifications and provides easy access to previously captured COMTRADE files for analysis.

In the same way as with disturbances, SYSTEM POINT automatically extracts and handles fault reports from Efacec devices with built-in fault report generation

Data Logs
Modern IEDs generate vendor-specific operational log files that can be captured, stored and later accessed for correlating with other data.

Operational Events
Any IEC 61850 event captured through RCBs, GOOSE or through polling can be stored and used for notification or analysis, implementing a true system-wide SOE

System Management

System Status
SYSTEM POINT continuously monitors the connectivity status of all managed devices, as well as the configuration versions (hardware, firmware, software
and configuration) and asset nameplate information for IEC 61850 devices. This enables end-users to effortlessly track the configuration status of their systems, a
fundamental cybersecurity requirement.

Security Events
Any security event including software failures and user actions within SYSTEM POINT or at any of the managed devices can be tracked through IEC 61850 or Syslog. This provides a security auditing platform that integrates all devices of each station (IEDs, networking equipment, servers, workstations, etc.).

System Logs
Both legacy and modern devices generate standards-compliant or vendor-specific system log files that can also be captured and stored by SYSTEM POINT.

User Management
SYSTEM POINT user account and information database is maintained seamlessly across the server hierarchy and follows modern RBAC principles. User management can be integrated with external LDAP or Active Directory (AD) servers and enables users to deploy systems with simplified user account, authorization, credential revocation, and access control based on utility policies.