Foster the connection between all the collaborators who have integrated Efacec, promote the sense of belonging to the company and introduce the new members to the leadership team. These were the central objectives of the “1st class ’18 Let’s Get Together”.

This first “Let’s Get Together” was attended by 73 new employees, who joined Efacec in the first quarter of 2018. For three hours, the participants were invited through various dynamics, sharing Efacec’s brand experience.

Rui Cunha, one of the collaborators who participated in the event, emphasizes the importance of this type of initiatives for a good integration of the new members in the company, but also “to strengthen who has been in Efacec for more time”.

Leonardo Costa, participant of the “1st class ’18 Let’s Get Together”, underlines the fact that these events “allow to acquire a broader knowledge about the company and the different areas of activity of Efacec, making easier the integration of new collaborators.”

Mast3r Academia Efacec, responsible for the organisation of this initiative, plays a central role in welcoming new employees to the company, namely with the implementation of the OnBoarding program – “Uma Só Efacec”, ensuring a more efficient and effective integration of new Efacec collaborators.