Our Technology and Innovation Director was recently appointed as Chair of Future Energy Leaders (FEL-100) of the World Energy Council. It is the first time that Portugal assumes such a relevant position and has a direct impact on the policies to be established for the sustainable energy transition.

The FEL Board of Directors is a community of exceptional young professionals share the commitment to shape the global energy agenda.

Over the next three years, they will lead the realization of this vision of the community, helping shape, inspire and grow energy leaders of the future.

Nuno was elected by the FEL-100 community and will act as a spokesperson and representative, as well as coordinator of the functioning of the FEL Board. He will be the President of a very talented group of people. The future of energy is in good hands!


Composition of the FEL 2018-2020 Board of Directors

• Nuno Silva, Technology and Innovation Director, Efacec; Portugal

• Bennet Tucker, Gas Market Manager, emsTradepoint; New Zealand

Studies Committee
• Andreas Formosa, Legal Adviser, Office of Gas and Electricity Markets, Ofgem; Cyprus
• Andrei Covatariu, Digital Manager and Executive Assistant to CEO and Country Manager, Enel Romania; Romania
•  Sultan Al Shaaibi, Process Engineer, Petroleum Development, Oman; Oman

Development Committee
• Antonio Erias Rodriguez, Market Analysis Coordinator, Enagas; Spain
• Lois Gicheru, Founder and CEO, Solafrique: Kenya
• Mariana Aguilar, Undersecretary of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency, San Luis Government; Argentina

Nominations Committee
• Gelem Del Mar Lluberes, Portfolio and Business Development Manager, Siemens; Germany/Dominican Rep.
• Gordon Lee, Investment Manager, Energy and Mineral Sector, Samtan; South Korea
• Mervin Azeta, Senior Completions engineer, Schlumberger; Nigeria

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