The Executive Committee presented the results for the second quarter of 2018, also allowing a balance of the first half of the year, at Porto Business School.

After 2017 have been a year of consolidation, 2018 presents itself as a year of growth for Efacec. Without forgetting the past, Efacec is a brand that lives the present thinking about the future. And the future was one of the central themes of the event.

Thinking about the strategy for the future, the Executive Committee believes that overcoming is the key to success in the second half of this year. Having launched the challenge for everyone at Efacec to think about overcoming as an effective way to achieve the objectives, thus translating the individual mission of each of Efacec’s people.

It was a special morning, with the sharing of a story of overcoming and achievement, told in the first person by Elisabete Jacinto. The Portuguese driver inspired everyone present in the event remembering the moments of overcoming that she has lived throughout her career, and giving real tips on how to achieve success in the most adverse situations.

Starting from the promise of anticipating solutions for a sustainable world in the new Energy era, at the meeting the theme of sustainability was also discussed, as one of the strategic pillars of Efacec, which intends to continue contributing to a more sustainable world in its different aspects.