From April 7th to 12th, Efacec made a stand in the International Conference of Doble Clients, in Boston, USA. During this event, which brought together the industry main players, different topics related to the Power Industry 4.0 were discussed. After the protocol signed in 2018 at Cigrè, Efacec, one of the main references in the power transformers market, and Doble Engineering Company, a leading company in the development of sensors and digitalization solutions, have been working in partnership to develop management solutions for digital assets.

With a long track-record as energy solutions provider, Efacec and Doble has been working together to develop technology that provides data in a timely manner from the power transformers, making it possible a faster and more efficient decision making. The achievments reached under this partnership will allow customers to get information at all stages of the equipment life cycle, minimizing possibile failures and obtaining a better return on investment made in the transformers management.

Both teams have thus created a range of digital condition monitoring and diagnostics packages to meet the needs of all customers in major energy segments, including transmission, distribution, renewable energy, industry and power generation, combining relevant and synchronized information with a specialized analysis and high quality services.

Covering different matters, from asset management to analyzing different strategies, the conferece addressed techniques for streamline operations and maximize the performance. The event also had a technical agenda exclusively dedicated to the electric sector, conceived by a committee formed by the main references of the industry.