Following a new and inexplicable strike called by SITE – Norte, Efacec refers to the duty to reveal again the information previously provided, because nothing substantial occurred in the internal life of the company to justify a new attempt to stop.

It is recalled that the company signed an agreement with the Workers’ Commission last May on salary review and strangely now, and in just over two weeks, two strikes markings occur.

  • Efacec respects the right to strike, but considers that there are no grounds for convening it.
  • The company does not review the accusations made, which do not correspond to reality. Since taking functions in October 2015, this Administration has always taken a position of dialogue with workers and their representative structures, communicating in a timely and clear manner the measures and adjustments that need to be implemented with the objective of improving performance from the company.
  • Efacec has taken a position of total transparency and respect for all employees. The existence of pressure for the departure of employees of the company does not correspond to the truth. Efacec is always available to reach understanding solutions and continues to privilege direct and individual contact with each of the collaborators. People who chose to leave Efacec do so by mutual agreement or by their own free will to take on new professional challenges.
  • It should be noted that Administration has taken measures to motivate and reward the contributions made by employees to the positive moment registered in the company:

– Salary increases above the value of inflation, varying between 3% and 5% in the last two years;

– Extraordinary distribution of results to employees, following the company’s return to positive results in 2016, something that has not happened since 2012;

– 75% increase in the number of hours of training, covering more than 1,690 employees.

The salary review resulted from the dialogue between the Administration and the Workers’ Commission, culminating in the signing of an agreement between the two parties in May 2017.

  • Efacec is in a process of transformation, started in October 2015, aimed at adapting the company to the new reality of the markets, the needs of its customers and the increasing competitiveness of the concurrence.

– Efacec has implemented a new model of human resources management, in line with international best practices, with the support of a specialized independent external entity. This new model has made the company’s operational structure clearer and more agile and aims to reward merit and competence.

– Throughout 2016 and 2017, Efacec made multiple investments in the technological updating of its products and solutions, in the modernization of the production lines and increase of capacity of the factories.

– Efacec has been promoting internal mobility as a way of preserving employment and developing employees. In a company like Efacec, with eight Business Units, with differentiated cycles, internal mobility allows to balance the structure of the company to respond adequately to the current and future needs of customers and the market, in addition to fostering growth and acquisition of new skills. Complementary, there is a focus on the internalization of functions, reducing the need to resort to outsourcing.

  • Efacec has more than 2,300 employees and several dozen open recruitment processes. The entry of new employees into different business areas results from the eminently exporting character of Efacec and the need to strengthen themselves with qualified personnel in key areas such as Research and Development, Product Engineering and Business Development.
  • Efacec appeals to the sense of responsibility of workers’ representatives. The ongoing transformational process at Efacec intends to adapt the company’s 70-year experience to the current reality and future challenges of the sector. Due to the exigency and competitiveness that mark the international panorama, it is essential for the future sustainability of the company to continue to seek to be efficient, flexible and differentiating. This is the way forward for Efacec to continue to project the excellence of national engineering across borders