The meeting took place today, March 17, at the premises of REN – Redes Energeticas Nacionais Sacavém and was attended by more than 100 senior staff of different companies ; it had the contributions of Jácomo Ramos and Hugo Campelo, collaborators of the Transformers Business Unit and  Rogério Dias Paulo, collaborator of the Automation Business Unit.

Jacomo Ramos , coordinator of a Study Committee about Transformers, participated in a panel titled Review of the Work Developed in 2016 in the Study Committees. Rogério Dias Paulo and Hugo Campelo made respectively presentations about Digital Substations and Innovator Thermal Model for Shell type Windings, Validation with CFD and Experiences.

As unique forum in the world, CIGRE (International Council on Large Electrical Systems) brings together collective members (utilities of the electricity sector, manufacturers of electrical, command and control equipment and organisations carrying out research in the field of power systems) and individual members of the most diverse areas related to technology and technical management of electric power systems. It counts on the collaboration of hundreds of highly qualified people – members and non-members through Study Committees and Working Groups, issuing documentation of the most relevant technical value, used worldwide in the publication of standards (CENELEC and IEC), legislation and good practice manuals.