Created in June 2019 with the fundamental support of Efacec, the Center for Responsible Business and Leadership (CRB) is a research unit of the Católica Lisbon School of Business and Economics, which seeks to promote knowledge about the different concepts associated with what means being a responsible business.

CRB aims to be an European reference in knowledge in the area of ​​corporate sustainability through research, teaching and consulting, acting as an agent of change between students and executives, helping them to understand the impact of responsible businesses and the creation of value in corporate companies.

Through its partnership with Efacec, CRB seeks to foster research and academic training projects and activities to promote and disseminate knowledge.

Building a more energy efficient society is the reality that guides Efacec’s performance, which resulted in the development of sustainable solutions with positive impact on the lives of thousands of people around the world. Efacec is committed to sustainability and, therefore, assumes the purpose of “Designing a smarter future for a better life”. And the partnership with CBR is proof of the company’s commitment.

Some initiatives made together:

  • Fundamental role played by Efacec in the strategic development of the CRB as part of its Advisory Board;
  • Participation of Efacec’s CEO, Ângelo Ramalho, in the launching ceremony of the CRB;
  • Participation in the CRB Impact Measurement Process;
  • Lecture by Professor Nuno Moreira da Cruz, Executive Director of CRB, on “Purpose”, at Efacec’s annual management meeting;
  • Exclusive participation of Efacec’s CEO in the executive education course “Purpose Driven Business”;
  • Participation of Efacec employees in the “Responsible Business” course;
  • Ângelo Ramalho’s participation in the closing panel of the course “Responsible Business”;
  • Master’s thesis project on the strategic application of the Sustainable Development Goals to Efacec.