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Efacec Power Solutions

  • A prestigious Portuguese brand with 70 years
  • A company with a strong exporter profile and presence in over 65 countries
  • An impressive footprint on worldwide references
  • A strong track record on technology achievements and innovation
  • Focused on developing products and systems with high added-value for infrastructural sectors as Energy, Environment & Industry and Mobility & Transportation
  • Based on strong Values and highly capable People


Polo da Arroteia

Aerial view Arroteia Facilities

Polo da Maia

Aerial view Maia Facilities

lagoas Parque

Aerial view Lagoas Offices

fábrica de media tensão

Assembly line – Fluofix


PowerCast Transformers

Subestação Movel Argentina

Mobile Substation

Subestação da Palmilheira REN

CLP50o – Automation product

Carregador Qc20

Electric Vehicle Charging

Carregador Qc24s

QC45S Electric Vehicle Charger

Etar do Barcelos


RCU 220

RCU 220

AS para RCU - nova

Automation Studio – Screens


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European Comissioner for Energy Visits Efacec’s Electric Mobility Unit

The Vice-President of the European Commission and Energy Commissioner, Maros Šefčovič, has visited today Efacec’s electric mobility unit in Maia, Portugal. During the visit, the commissioner learned about the company’s plans for this strategic business area as well as the facilities expansion project that is currently going through a renovation process in order to adapt to the expected business growth.

The ongoing renovation will be concluded in September, and will allow a production capacity increase, in one shift, from the current 900 annual fast chargers to 1800 and from 600 to 2.000 normal charge equipment. The facilities are prepared to grow even more if needed. The renewal will also enable a considerable expansion of the space used for I&D labs, product engineering labs and end-of-line quality check test labs. Furthermore, it will enable the existence of assembling lines for other products dedicated to electric mobility and will make the logistic process more efficient.  Due to a production rate that is estimated to be six times higher, the production shifts are projected to increase, consequently contributing to employment creation.

The facilities will be exclusively dedicated to the electric mobility business, and will have a new management model that will enhance the company’s top position in the global electric mobility market.

Ângelo Ramalho, Efacec’s CEO considers that the visit from the European Commissioner for Energy “represents a decisive step towards the recognition of Efacec’s role in the electric mobility industry.  Electric mobility is an area of vital strategic importance to the society and Efacec is already leading the way of innovation in this field, having developed global solutions for all kind of clients around the world”.

EEM is a Efacec Power Solutions holding company. Its mission is to develop safe and clean energy solutions for the electric mobility market. The company produces a full range of electric vehicles chargers for the private, public, fast, ultra-fast and wireless segments. Efacec is currently one of the world’s top companies in fast charging, having products in more than 40 countries, working alongside with the industry’s main worldwide stakeholders.

  • ligh rail of Cádiz

Circulation on the Cadiz Train-Tram line

The test phase of the light rail line in Cadiz, Spain, is being successfully completed. Efacec is responsible for the turnkey supply of electrification of the “CONSTRUCTION TRAIN TRANSFER PROJECT BETWEEN CHICLANA DE LA FRONTERA AND SAN FERNANDO “.

The electrification contract (energy systems and catenary) belongs to an internal association of Efacec. It includes the turnkey supply of 4 traction substations of 2 MVA, 14 km of double-track catenary (urban and long-distance), 15 external stations and medium and low voltage distribution network. The Transport unit has been developing and there is still the prospect of providing a 3 kV traction group and the provision of a primary substation to power the Tren-Tram facilities.

The final Client, AOPJA – Agencia de obra pública de la Junta de Andalucía, appreciate the effort and professionalism to meet the deadlines and the technical solution developed.

ligh rail of Cádiz

Efacec will participate at PAC World Conference

Efacec will be present at the Protection, Automation and Control (PAC) World Conference that will take place from 27 June to 29 June 2017 at the Wrocław University of Science and Technology in Poland

On the conference day one (Tuesday morning), Efacec will participate with a presentation: Evaluation of Fault Location Impedance-Based Algorithms in Multi-Terminal Transmission Lines.

Efacec will be also present at the networking area with a stand (#19), where our experts will be delighted to answer any of your questions regarding Efacec Protection and Automation Solutions.

What is PAC World?

The community of electric power system’s Protection, Automation and Control (PAC) specialists is comprised of small groups, spread around the world. They can be found in an industrial facility, utility, consulting company, university or other various establishments. Typically, we have a chance to meet one another and communicate during conferences, working groups or committee meetings while attending one of the industry’s national or international events.

For more information, please visit:

Normafix successful test inside Haramia PUC in Veiki Budapest

Efacec Prague have recently succeded in the Normafix 38.5kV Internal Arc Type Tests IAC 16kA (1s) inside Haramia PUC in VEIKI Budapest. The reason of these Type Tests is a condition given by CEZ Utilities to test every MV Switchgear inside each type of PUC. Nowadays most of private clients request to buy only “safe“ PUCs, i.e., fitted by “IAC type tested“ cubicles and Haramia is a strong Slovak player planning to improve its position in Czech market. The collaboration with Haramia started already in 1999, at that time most of Efacec MV cubicles in Slovakia were installed inside Haramia PUC, and this tests will allow for the increasing of sales of Normafix36 in the region.

Efacec won the first large tender in MV Switchgear in Czech Republic in 1999, has delivered over 100 configurations of Fluofix24, and since 2005 Efacec is continuously supplying Normafix to Czech Utilities. Actually, Efacec delivers to CEZ Utilities MV Switchgear series Normafix 25kV, Normafix 38.5kV and Fluofix 38.5kV in 4 regions out of the existing 5: West, North, East and Central Czech Republic, covering over 50% of the whole Czech territory.

CEZ gradually reconstructs old 10kV networks to 38,5kV in East and North part of the country and from 10 to 25kV in other regions. Dozens of existing PUCs were equipped by new Normafix in cities like Trebechovice, Nový Bydzov and 2017 is a row on Jaromer as Efacec was chosen by CEZ as a supplier of customized Normafix 38.5kV to Jaromer city. Similar reconstructions took place at 25kV, where Efacec was successful in cities like Teplice, Ústí nad Labem and, more recently, the famous film festival’s city of Karlovy Vary is being reconstructed by Efacec Normafix 25kV.

The Metro do Porto recently contracted with Efacec to update the AEGIS Railway Signaling System, installed on the Airport Line.

This decision by Metro do Porto is due to the high degree of satisfaction with the signaling system provided by Efacec in 2013 and this system is going to be completely integrated into the network’s overall traffic management system, assuring the required traffic safety. Initially, Metro do Porto had allowed to Efacec the installation of the first Portuguese-produced Railway Signaling System in its network, at the Airport line, based on the recognition of the high quality of the solutions provided and the technical skills always demonstrated by Efacec. The project then presented was widely discussed and recognized to have the required quality due to the high responsibility to be assumed.

In service since 2013, the AEGIS system, an innovative railway signaling solution designed and developed by EFACEC, based on market hardware platforms and ensuring the highest levels of safety (SIL-4) according to  rail industry standards, has proven to complexly fulfill the requirements of Metro do Porto, in a European infrastructure that is a reference for Light Rail  urban mobility systems.

The excellent performance of the AEGIS system has already been recognized by other customers and allowing its acceptance by TII (Transport Infrastructure Ireland) for use in the new CrossCity line of Dublin’s LUAS Light Rail., confirming  Efacec as a reference player in a particularly difficult market segment due to the technological complexity and the critical nature of the safety of users of this transportation facilities, with no parallel in the Portuguese industry.

Efacec will participate in the 19th Africa Energy Forum, from 6th to 9th June 2017, in Copenhagen

Efacec will be present in the 19th Africa Energy Forum with a stand (Offgrid Village, P6), showcasing its offer for the African market in terms of Offgrid Solutions.

Efacec is present in Africa for more than 50 years and has strong references in terms of Substations for Transmission and Distribution projects, Power Plants Engineering, Waste and Water Treatment plants and Solar parks. Efacec portfolio includes Transformers, Switchgear, Power Automation, Energy Servicing, Solar and Substations EPC, Power Plants Engineering, Energy Storage and Hybrid Systems (PV+Diesel).


Efacec will take part in the Innovation agenda of the Off the Grid Village and will participate in the panel discussion:

Energy Storage for Off Grid and Mini Grid Solutions

07th June 15:00
presented by José Rocha Almeida
Africa Business Development Director, Efacec


We cordially invite you to visit us at stand P6 in the Offgrid Village at the Africa Energy Forum 2017 event in Copenhagen to better discover our products and solutions.

Portuguese Company to Build Three 200kV Substations in Rwanda

Last April 10th, Efacec and CTCE – China Tiesiju Civil Engineering Group Co, Limited – signed a contract for the supply and installation of equipment and services for a new SCADA operation dispatch for the Angolan DSO ENDE (Empresa Nacional de Distribuição de Eletricidade) at the central region of Angola in Benguela.

Efacec, a Portuguese firm has won a lucrative deal to construct three power substations in Rwanda very essential in distribution of electricity to remote parts of the country.

STEG International Services Company won this tender launched by the Republic of Rwanda for the construction of three new 200kV substations.

Efacec today announced that it had been chosen by STEG the winning consortium of the international tender to implement the project of engineering, supply, supervision and commissioning of the three new substations on a turn-key basis.

“This contract is worth approximately 10.5 million euro and has an 18 months’ execution deadline,”  the announcement reads.

The Portuguese firm said it was selected based on technical abilities and skills of Efacec’s High Tension Substations.

“Being chosen for this project attests, once again, Efacec’s skills. We are proud of this new act of trust bestowed to our company. We’ll continuously work in order to bring power to all the parts of the world,” said Ângelo Ramalho, Efacec’s CEO.

Currently only 25% of Rwanda’s households have power. This project is part of the government ambition to bring electrical energy to 70% of Rwanda’s families, until 2018.

The substations are required to distribute power to the country’s rural areas, such as Mamba Sector, Gisagara District, Rwabusoro in Nyanza district and Rilima in Bugesera district.

This construction work will be fundamental to give flow to the 80MW produced in Mamba’s Biomass Power Station for the national electricity grid.

In 2010, a Tunisian Electricity and Gas Company International Services (STEG) signed a $68.6 million deal with Rwanda to connect 50,000 households on the national electric grid.

Efacec, a brand with almost 70 years has presence in over 65 countries. It deals in Power Products including Transformers, Switchgear, Service and Automation among others.

Efacec supplies Angolan ENDE with a new SCADA operation dispatch at the central region of the country

Last April 10th, Efacec and CTCE – China Tiesiju Civil Engineering Group Co, Limited – signed a contract for the supply and installation of equipment and services for a new SCADA operation dispatch for the Angolan DSO ENDE (Empresa Nacional de Distribuição de Eletricidade) at the central region of Angola in Benguela.

This new distribution dispatch of the central region, aims to endow ENDE’s grid operation with the necessary conditions and instruments for a modern and efficient distribution grid management at the central, south and east regions of the country. The SCADA system, based on Efacec ScateX + platform, is used to achieve this.

This new system to be supplied constitutes a complete communicating and integrated solution with existing ENDE SCADA system using ICCP protocol (also supplied by Efacec) in Luanda. This way, it will be established a national, redundant, and robust system capable to answer the current growing requirements of the electric power distribution system in Angola.

In addition to the ScateX+ supply, the project includes the control centre remodelling at Catumbela substation, located in Benguela, in order to become an up-to-date control centre, equipped with modern meeting rooms and video conference.

The present contract is integrated within the scope of a wider project that aims to improve the electricity and household connections in Benguela province (“Projeto de Eletrificação e Ligações Domiciliares na Província de Benguela”) that the Chinese company CTCE has signed with ENDE.

The 1st Efacec Technology Community Day brought together 90 employees from all areas of the company, at the Porto Business School

The 1st Efacec Technology Community Day was an initiative led by the Technology Management Office (GdT) and represented one more important step towards the achievement of the objectives set by the Executive Committee – a strong commitment to technological innovation across the organization and an increasing and structured promotion of the sharing of knowledge in structuring functional areas.

Under the organizational leadership of the Technology Management Office, the 1st Efacec Technology Community Day took place on April 5, at the Porto Business School. Throughout the day and in a forum dedicated to the strategic debate about the technological future of Efacec, we assisted to the active participation of the Executive Committee, corporate directors, members of the technological community of all Business Units , elements of the different corporate areas and of a guest speaker, Mrs Teresa Passos, a specialist in human attitudes and behavior, from the International Consultancy Dynargie, founded in Switzerland in 1982.

The event was dedicated to technological innovation in the different BUs of Efacec, focusing on the main recent technological developments and the broad sharing of the Strategic Plan for Technological Development 2017-2021 of each BU. It highlights the market perspective, technological trends and key areas for the BU as well as the future ambition for the positioning and supply of each BU. The Technological Plan for the development of new products, solutions, services and the improvement of internal processes was shared in order to highlight how to improve the competitiveness of the BU in the markets in which it operates or intends to act in the medium term. This broad sharing of strategic priorities for technological innovation is the starting point for identifying synergies and for drawing up the future Efacec Technology Roadmap .

The event also served for the Technology Management Office to share, with the approximately 90 employees attending the session, the significant increase in the number of Research and Technological Development projects underway under the European Program Horizon 2020 or Portugal 2020 , as well as the high potential of generation of endogenous value of each project.

Before the closure of the session, at charge of the CEO of Efacec, Ângelo Ramalho, Mrs. Teresa Passos made an interesting intervention, highlighting the growing importance of soft-skills in the success of the transformational processes that are becoming more updated, under the theme Innovation Mindset & Design Thinking.

This 1st Efacec Technology Community Day, dedicated to the Technological Innovation pillar of the Efacec 2020 Transformation Plan, reinforces the spirit of sharing, highlighting several synergies with high potential to maximize the value chain of Efacec supply.

CIGRE Portugal Annual Meeting 2017 with the participation of Efacec

The meeting took place today, March 17, at the premises of REN – Redes Energeticas Nacionais Sacavém and was attended by more than 100 senior staff of different companies ; it had the contributions of Jácomo Ramos and Hugo Campelo, collaborators of the Transformers Business Unit and  Rogério Dias Paulo, collaborator of the Automation Business Unit.

Jacomo Ramos , coordinator of a Study Committee about Transformers, participated in a panel titled Review of the Work Developed in 2016 in the Study Committees. Rogério Dias Paulo and Hugo Campelo made respectively presentations about Digital Substations and Innovator Thermal Model for Shell type Windings, Validation with CFD and Experiences.

As unique forum in the world, CIGRE (International Council on Large Electrical Systems) brings together collective members (utilities of the electricity sector, manufacturers of electrical, command and control equipment and organisations carrying out research in the field of power systems) and individual members of the most diverse areas related to technology and technical management of electric power systems. It counts on the collaboration of hundreds of highly qualified people – members and non-members through Study Committees and Working Groups, issuing documentation of the most relevant technical value, used worldwide in the publication of standards (CENELEC and IEC), legislation and good practice manuals.

Efacec first projects of high Power EV charging Solutions up to 350 kW, are actually starting on the ground

First world EV chargers, targeted for long range vehicles, capable to provide an output power of 350 kilowatts (kW) and a high voltage of 1000 volts (V) are actually built and installed by Efacec

First world EV chargers, targeted for long range vehicles, capable to provide an output power of 350 kilowatts (kW) and a high voltage of 1000 volts (V) are actually built and installed by Efacec

“It is undeniable that long range EVs provide a new step in Electric Mobility and Efacec is already working on the leading edge of this Solution” said Pedro Silva, Managing Director of Efacec Electric Mobility.
Efacec is already working on several projects with this high power charging solutions, namely with world-renowned brands such as carmakers and charge point network operators for a total of 44 (forty-four) High Power units of its HV range sold until December 2016. These are intended for projects for various locations in the world, and hopes that many more will come in Europe and USA. Installations have started and will go on through 2017 and will be announced in the near future.
This range is composed of several HV products with different powers available, such as 50, 160, 175 and 350 kW, covering different needs of the market.
These technological developments of the company on the EV charging infrastructure have reinforced Efacec’s worldwide leadership in the sector.

About HV175

At a time when the Electric Mobility in the world is exponentially growing and electric vehicles with batteries with increasing autonomy call for constant innovation and improvement of the EV charging options, Efacec Electric Mobility officially presented its range of High Power chargers for electric vehicles last October in Munich at eCarTec 2016.
The HV175 is a high power charging solution, able to supply up to 920 V nominal and 1000 V maximum at a maximum current of 350 A by combining two HV175 units to an user interface unit with adequate cable and connector to form the HV350.
Connecting more HV175 units to a mechanical connection allows higher currents as can be used by some heavy vehicles.
This HV range complements the range of EV chargers Efacec already presents, covering solutions for private, public, fast and wireless charging.

About Efacec Electric Mobility

Efacec Electric Mobility is a company of Efacec Power Solutions. Its mission is to develop safe and clean energy solutions for the electric mobility market. It is devoted to make electric vehicles part of people’s life, offering a full range of Electric Vehicles Chargers for private, public, fast and wireless segments. Features such as innovation and high performance reflect a products portfolio in continuous development covering the most demanding and emerging market needs.



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Switchgear Industrial Premises were inaugurated on February 9, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The Industrial Premises of Efacec Power Solutions Argentina are dedicated to the customization of solutions in the field of medium voltage distribution for the Latin American market.

Efacec has a physical presence in Argentina for more than two decades being now closer to import logistics channels that are essential to implement the new strategy for the market as well as to the large energy consumption centre of the region and to decision centres, not only to perform business in the field of medium voltage distribution but also in the area of power generation and transmission .

With 2800 m2 of covered area, these premises are designed to meet the needs of the market, customizing base solutions produced in the plants of the MV Switchgear Business Unit in Portugal and India for the secondary distribution (Normafix, Fluofix, IAT and Revac) as well as for the primary distribution (Normacel and QBN7 ) and integrated solutions for power distribution (PUC).

Sto Amaro 2 – the São Tomean thermoelectric power plant exported more than 12 GWh to the power grid in just seven months

Awarded to Efacec through EPC contract (Engineering, Procurement and Construction)

Implemented on the field of Santo Amaro 1 Power Plant, with diesel engines, this new power plant has an installed capacity of 6 megawatts.

The installation of this power plant to generate electricity occurred after the archipelago had experienced its biggest power supply crisis, resulting from a failure in the main power plant of the country, which had to face successive interruption of electricity that affected several services such as telecommunications, hotels and public entities.

With the entry into operation of this new power plant, it is expected that at least 90% of the territory of São Tomé have regular energy supply, something that will change the lives of São Toméans.

Since its entry into service to date, Santo Amaro 2 power plant has already exported more than 12 GWh of electricity to the grid, with a very high availability rate, which clearly proves the success of this project, which consequently offers possibilities for future projects in São Tomé within this business area.

Scope of the Project

  • 3 x ABC 750 rpm 2,5MVA, 0,4kV engines , canopied
  • 3 x 0.4 / 30kV 3150KVA transformers
  • Consumables for the 3 motors, except fuel, for 12.000 h operation
  • 30 kV MV electric board
  • LV electric boards
  • Battery System and Inverter
  • Command and Control System
  • Emergency Diesel Group
  • Construction
  • Connection to the existing fuel and water systems
  • Reconditioning of equipment supplied by EDP
  • Supply of MV 30KV cubicles (2 Switches, + 3 IF + 1 Circuit Breaker)
  • Training for 8 technicians
  • O & M supervision during 3 months
  • Compressed Air System, Special Tools, Lighting
  • Testing and commissioning

Efacec will participate at SGTech Europe 2017

Efacec will be present at the international conference SGTech Europe 2017 – Smart Grid Technical Forum, which will take place in Novotel Amsterdam City, The Netherlands, on 28-30 of March.

On the conference day two (Wednesday, 29 of March), Efacec will participate with a presentation at the SCADA Technology Innovation Panel, where our SCADA product manager – Paulo Viegas – will share Efacec’s vision for the SCADA market.

As the conference Innovation Sponsor, Efacec will be also present at the networking area with a stand, where our experts will be delighted to answer any of your questions regarding Efacec SCADA, Protection and Automation, or Smart Grid Solutions.

Meet us there!

About SGTech Europe 2017

SGTech Europe 2017 is the premier implementation focused smart grid technical conference in Europe, with focused tracks on Smart Substations, Next Generation SCADA, Packet Telecoms, and Cyber-Security. Drawing together 250+ Automation Directors and their implementation teams, this is the must-attend event for those charged with driving the practical implementation of the smart grid in Europe. The programme consists of 40+ utility case-study presentations, a series of technology panel discussions, interactive roundtable debates, and a cross-functional networking canal cruise.

Efacec will participate at GENERA 2017 in Madrid

Efacec participates for the first time as a manufacturer of complete PV Stations at the GENERA 2017 renewable energy fair in Madrid.

Product innovations will be presented with the new ranges of Inverters and PV Stations.

The presence at this fair intends to reinforce the Efacec brand with companies based in the Iberian Peninsula but having photovoltaic projects all over the world.

The Ambassador of Portugal to the United Arab Emirates visits Efacec Stand at Middle East Electricity

The Portuguese Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates, Joaquim Moreira de Lemos, visited our stand on the first day of the Middle East Electricity Fair, which took place from 14 to 16 February in Dubai.

The Ambassador was accompanied by the Director of AICEP at the local embassy, Nuno Lima Leite. Their visit was received by the CEO and the remaining Efacec delegation present at the event.

Thanking the invitation of Efacec, the Ambassador welcomed the presence of the company at the event and in business in the region, reiterating the willingness to support Efacec initiatives in the country.

Efacec was present at MEE 2017 presenting its offer for Smart Grids, Switchgear, Power Transformers, Mobile Substations, SCADA, Digital Substation Automation, Solar EPC, PV Stations, Chargers for Electric Vehicles and Energy Storage.

Efacec will participate in the Middle East Electricity, from 14th to 16th February 2017, in Dubai

Efacec will be present in MEE 2017 with a stand (H2.E30), showcasing its offer for Smart Grids, Switchgear, Power Transformers, Mobile Substations, SCADA, Digital Substation Automation, Solar EPC, PV Stations, EV chargers and Energy Storage.

Together with our most recent products display, we’ll have dedicated technical sessions at our stand E30 in Hall 2:

14th February 11:00
presented by Miguel Carvalho
Business Development, Efacec

Since 2009, Efacec has always been on the front of new developments in DC fast charging. Offering a full range of Electric Vehicles Chargers for private, public, fast and wireless segments, Efacec is providing the High Power Solutions  for the growing power requirements of tomorrow’s e-mobility.

14th February 15:00
presented by Marco Lajoso
Business Development, Efacec

As an electrical equipment and control systems manufacturer, together with highly specialized in-house engineering team, Efacec takes advantage of the integration of its own products to achieve high-performance EPC solutions based on a strong O&M services capability. 

15th February 11:00
presented by Filipe Vila Real
Transformers B.U., Efacec

Providing a solution that quickly replaces partially or completely a power substation, the fastest emergency recovery of the distribution/transmission network is ensured by the deployment of Mobile Substations, either in a single or multi-trailer arrangement.

15th February 15:00
presented by Rogério Paulo
Automation & Control B.U., Efacec

Nowadays, IEC 61850 is widely accepted as the substation automation and communication standard. Digital substations are based on new architectures that will bring multiple benefits, including functional performance, simplification, flexibility, safety and reduction of lifecycle costs. Nevertheless, a large number of DSAS architectures from the 90’s are still based in pre-IEC 61850 scenarios, denying the full potential of this standard to these assets.

16th February 11:00
presented by Eduardo Rocha
Switchgear BU, Efacec

Fundamentals of region-specific Metal-Clad Air-Insulated Switchgear (17.5kV and 36kV) for Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Region. Compliance to Regional Standards. Research and Testing Tools and Procedures, Factory Processes.

16th February 15:00
presented by Eduardo Rocha
Switchgear BU, Efacec

The Photovoltaic Converter Station (PV-Station) is on the critical path of the conversion of DC power to useful AC MV Energy. A long service life is ensured by the careful design and assembly of the key components of the solution.

We cordially invite you to visit us at stand H2.E30 in Middle East Electricity 2017 event in Dubai to better discover our products and solutions.

Efacec Technology Forum in strategic meeting

The Forum positions itself as the Technological GPS of Efacec and bases its activity on the articulation of the knowledge produced in the company with the one developed by reference stakeholders and that represent the current state of the art of the topics in focus

Under the slogan INNOVATE IS IN THE DNA OF EFACEC, 50 internal and external guests (Customers and representatives of the National Scientific and Technological System) met yesterday, January the 19th, at the company’s headquarters to discuss technological topics for the future.

The Forum, which positions itself as the Technological GPS of Efacec, presented the Technology Roadmap of the company and took to debate topics such as Efacec 4.0, Digitization, Super Grids HVDC, Cybersecurity, Smart Cities and Materials Technology.

Throughout the year, dedicated working groups will address these themes and the Forum will reconvene for discussion and presentation of conclusions.

The CEO of Efacec, Ângelo Ramalho, participated actively in the working session and closed the meeting highlighting the importance of technological innovation for the differentiation, competitiveness, development and sustainability of Efacec.

Ângelo Ramalho also stated that internally and externally Efacec has multiple opportunities and challenges of technological innovation and that “Innovation goes beyond invention. Innovation is to do more, more productivity, more efficiency, more differentiation; more suitability to the market … At Efacec, innovation is the creation of value in the context of change! “

New Switchgear Factory in India

The second Switchgear Industrial Unit was inaugurated on 23 November in Nashik, Maharashtra state.

Four years after the opening of the first unit, where we mainly developed equipment for the secondary distribution – Fluofix and Normafix – and their components, such as SF 6 switches and controls, the facilities began to prove to be insufficient considering India’s potential as supplier of common parts.

The need to evolve in the primary distribution – Normacel, QBN7 and MV Circuit Breakers – in order to deal with the growth trend of demand in this segment, along with the recently launched REVAC, acted as trigger points for the implementation of the new industrial unit with about 7.000 square meters and 2800m2 of covered area. The area is divided into three identical naves, one to assemble Normafix 24 and 36kV, the central nave for Medium Voltage Circuit Breakers and reclosers, and the third nave for Normacel and QBN7 respectively.

India’s strategy consists essentially in configuring the common platform of a particular product, which can later be customized to the final customer in the different Switchgear assembling lines  – Portugal, Spain, Argentina or Czech Republic -, thus covering a set as broad as possible of Customers and markets.

We are in the TOP 15 Largest solar rooftops

Largest Solar Roofs is an initiative promoted by the Asturia´s (north coast of Spain) company team at Alusín Solar to get together the total of solar rooftop projects existent in the world. This is an ambitious and fully altruistic project that will try to show the world about this type of works, many times forgotten even by the proffesionals within the sector.

Automated Demand Response Technology in Portugal

Automation business unit from Efacec announces, with a great pleasure, its participation in a new project that involves R&D laboratories, government institutions and industry companies from Japan and Portugal.

This new project aims to develop an automated demand response (ADR) technology that will contribute to stabilizing power supply and demand, which is essential for dealing with the introduction of large amounts of renewable energy (such as photo voltaic) in the electrical system. The project demonstration sites will be implemented at the public buildings of the Lisbon City Hall and other municipal facilities.

This demonstration project is promoted by the Japanese organization NEDO (New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization) and the Portuguese National Laboratory for Energy and Geology, and counts with participation of a consortium of four companies from Japan and Portugal. The project start was celebrated in Lisbon at the Ministry of Economy on November 21st, and will be carried out during approximately 3 years, by December 2019.

The consortium involves three Portuguese companies: EDP Inovação – the Portuguese DSO’s innovation department, Everis – provider of IT consulting and outsourcing solutions, and Efacec Energia – provider of engineered solutions for protection, control and management of electric power grids; and a Japanese air-conditioning supplier Daikin Industries.

Efacec will be responsible for the implementation of an automated demand response (ADR) solution, with a fast operation and based on OpenADR standard. Several products and solutions from Efacec will enhance this ADR solution. Efacec platform for the management and monitoring of the smart grid infrastructure (view4grid), three phase smart meters (M Box) and smart controllers (G Smart) will support this ADR system. Our smart controller G Smart will leverage the integration of all equipment in the system; it will collect and forward the data from smart meters, PV panels and other associated equipment. The view4grid software platform will be responsible for the management of the Fast DR program as well as dispatching signals to the field, operational HMI, reports and supervisory verification of DR actions.

Within the project a set of building-scale, multiple air-conditioners will be installed, with a cold air storage function, in public buildings in Lisbon. The goal of the project is to demonstrate an ADR system to control the air-conditioning systems capable of adjusting output based on power supply and demand. The project also intends to evaluate the business model for electric power retailers utilising such systems.

Under the Portuguese incentive program P2020, Efacec continues to evolve his Advanced Distribution Management System and signs a Contract Agreement with support of EDP Distribuição for the new phase of Development.

Efacec BU Automation is glad to announce the ADMS4LV project, supported by the P2020 incentive program to the Portuguese Industry, to continue the development and demonstration of an Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS) for Active Management of Low Voltage grids.


Managing the low voltage grid constitutes a significant challenge for Distribution System Operators (DSO) and the next step in utility operational performance, addressing higher QoS and KPI demands from regulation and users.

The low voltage (LV) grid is a very large infrastructure in continuous modification, with limited register, supervision and control. Furthermore, Distributed Energy Resources (DER) are emerging as a solution for low carbon challenges, requiring and effective change of the grid management paradigm.

Together with our partners’ knowledge and background as well as state of art technologies such as Cloud, Big Data, Mobility and Machine Learning, Efacec has and is evolving an ADMS system that is scalable and capable of fulfilling the DSO challenges of today and tomorrow.

Within the project field pilot several ADMS features will be demonstrated:

  • Information management
  • Event correlation and aggregation
  • LV fault detection
  • Non-technical losses detection
  • DER flexibility management
  • Smart electric vehicle charge management
  • Advanced human machine interface

The ADMS4LV project is lead by Efacec with the cooperation of the Portuguese DSO (EDP Distribuição) and the R&D Institution INESC-TEC Porto. It is co-funded by the P2020 program.

About Efacec BU Automation

Efacec is a Portuguese company with a strong exporter profile and geographical footprint in more than 65 countries. Efacec is present in the development of infrastructures for important sectors of economic activity: Energy, Environment & Industry, Mobility & Transportation.

Part of Efacec Group, Efacec Automation focuses on engineered solutions for protection, control and management of electric power networks. Through the development of its own advanced technology and the expertise gained through over 30 years of system implementation experience, Efacec BU Automation operates globally, focusing strongly on Europe, North and South of Africa, Middle East, India and Latin America.

About EDP Distribuição

“Part of EDP, a reference energy player in Europe, Brazil and USA and the 4th renewable energy company worldwide, EDP Distribuição is the Portuguese DSO serving 6 million customers and accountable for strict QoS and regulation requirements. It is responsible for planning and O&M of the national distribution grid, public lighting infrastructure, and market support infrastructure.

Investing more than 200M€ yearly and delivering 43,86 TWh, EDP Distribuição has its eyes on the future with a streamlined organization, motivated team and is actively facing challenges such as smart meter rollout and rapidly increasing dispersed generation, big data and cybersecurity, operational efficiency and security of supply.”

Efacec BU Automation deploys IEC 61850 Automation System for EDELNOR in Peru

Last August, Efacec has successfully concluded the implementation of a substation control, protection and monitoring system for EDELNOR, at its Malvinas transmission substation.

This November, EDELNOR has promoted a solemn opening ceremony that was honoured with the presence of managers and R&D engineers from several companies, including Efacec engineers involved in this project.

The project included configuration, installation and commissioning of a complete Automation System, that integrates Efacec BU automation product families, such as station server units UC 500E, bay control units BCU 500, as well as protection relays from third parties, namely from Siemens and SEL. The integration of all equipment at the field level is carried out according to the latest edition of the IEC 61850 standard, and communication with remote SCADA according to IEC standard protocol.

This new substation, located in Lima, aims to satisfy registered growth of electrical energy demand in the capital, as well as to improve the reliability and efficiency of the national HV grid and associated substations. Due to its location, the substation topology is based on gas-insulated switchgear solutions, allowing to reduce the substation switchyard dimensions, as well to decrease the environmental impact.

Efacec is very pleased with this sign of Edelnor’s long-term trust towards automation solutions and engineering skills. Efacec has implemented several substation automation systems in the past, and currently is working on new projects. Namely at the distribution substations of 60/20/10 kV. At the Comas substation, site acceptance tests were concluded, and the Filadelfia substation with GIS technology, is under development at the Efacec factory in Portugal.

Efacec will participate in the European Utility Week (EUW16), from 15th to 17th November in Barcelona

Efacec will have a stand presence #3H40 and will be showcasing its offer for Smart Grids, including Distribution Transformers, Switchgear, Mobile Substations, SCADA, Digital Substation Automation, Solar PV substations, LV Automation, EV chargers and Energy Storage.

Efacec will have a stand presence #3H40 and will be showcasing  its offer for Smart Grids, including Distribution Transformers, Switchgear, Mobile Substations, SCADA, Digital Substation Automation, Solar PV substations, LV Automation, EV chargers and Energy Storage.

We are very happy to announce our most recent products that will be the focus of our 3 dynamic sessions:

LV Automation: 15th November 11:30 – Showcasing Efacec innovative solution on LV Automation (real case from our client EDP Distribuição)

Energy Storage: 16th November 11:30 – Presentation of Efacec innovative Energy Storage modular system

Solar PVstations: 17th November 10:00 – Presentation of Solar PVstations in an all-in-one solution (announced in the last InterSolar Europe)

We cordially invite you to join us at European Utility Week 2016 in Barcelona to discover our products and solutions.

Efacec CEO, Ângelo Ramalho, Was a participant at INESC TEC Autumn Forum

The debate was centered on the “Factory of the Future: what are the ways for the XXI century industry?”

Ângelo Ramalho participation was centered on the state of the art of 4.0 Industry in Portugal and worldwide and in what are the opportunities/challenges and main future paths for both industries in general and Efacec in particular.

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IEC 61850 Europe

Between October 18-20 Efacec will participate on the international conference IEC 61850 Europe which will take place in Holland, at Radisson Blu Hotel

Efacec will have a stand presence and will participate on the “Multi-Vendor Architectures Panel – achieving interoperability and exchangeability for new, refurbished and expanded substations operating on multiple Editions”.

Fore more informations, visite:


We will participate in e-CARTEC

Efacec will be at the biggest fair of Electric Mobility World in Munich, e-CARTEC from 18 to 19 October.

The market for Electric Mobility is one of the fastest growing markets. The number of vehicles registered doubles every year, with a forecast of global sales in the sector for 2020 of more than EUR 300 billion.

Visit us on A205 Pavilion and meet our latest in fast chargers and wireless.

Efacec was present at InnoTrans 2016 , Berlin

“The InnoTrans exhibitor and trade visitor structure is as diverse as the products and services on show. Trade visitors from 146 countries and all segments of the industry flocked to the most recent trade fair in Berlin.”

SmarTHER Efacec in Workshop

35 participants of Efacec, of several utilities such as EDP, REN e Hydro-Québec, of the academic world such as Oporto and Cantabria Universities and the supplier EFAFLU company have been at Efacec head-quarters on the September 16th.

SmarTHER CORE Transformers project has been presented. The project had its official kick-off on last January aiming to develop more intelligent and more flexible in thermic properties CORE power transformers in what thermic properties is concerned.

Efacec has two external partnerships on this project Hydro-Québec’s Research Institute IREQ (Canada – HydroQuébec_R&D) and Laboratório Associado de Processos de Separação e Reacção LSRE-LCM da FEUP (Portugal – FEUP_LSRE-LCM).