Financial Information

431,5 M€

+ 15,5 M€ than in 2015

34,9 M€

+ 7,1 M€ than in 2015

406,2 M€

+ 77,1 M€ than in 2015


Despite the contraction of the Portuguese market in recent years, it has been possible to keep
and in some cases increase our position, in other markets, in particular
for Northern Europe, Central Europe and some Latin American countries.
Therefore, we have demonstrated our diversification policy and bet on other geographies.

2016 was a very important year for Efacec.

On the one hand, financial and operational performance was reversed.
On the other hand, we launched an important transformation project
(Called Efacec 2020), with a view to ensuring the
the competitiveness and sustainability of the company,
and reaffirm it as a benchmark
at national and international levels.

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