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Founded in the year 1948, Efacec is the biggest Portuguese Group in the field of electromechanics and is present, both commercially and industrially, in 65 countries. The company has a total of 4800 employees and a global business volume over EUR 1 billion per year.

The substantial investment made by the Efacec Group in the international market along with the investment made in technological innovation, has placed the Efacec brand at the forefront of worldwide manufacturers of equipments for power generation, transmission and distribution.


Efacec Spain Contacts

Transformers

Power Transformers
• SHELL Transformers | 1500 MVA; 525 kV (BIL 1675 kV)
• CORE Transformers | 350 MVA; 400 kV (BIL 1425 kV)
• Core or Shell mobile substations| 60 MVA; 245 kV (BIL 1050kV)

Distribution Transformers
• Cast resin dry-type 3-phase Distribution Transformers from 250 to 2500 kVA, up to a maximum of 36 kV, under the Powercast trade name
• Airtight 3-phase Distribution Transformers filled with mineral oil, from 50 to 6300 kVA, up to a maximum of 36 kV, for indoor or outdoor installation
• Oil-filled Transformers with expansion tank up to 20 MVA and 66 kV for indoor or outdoor installation, with on-load tap changer and radiator cooling


Switchgear
Efacec Equipos Eléctricos, S.L. is the industrial unit of the Efacec Group that operates at the market of Spain in the scope of high and medium voltage switchgear for power distribution grids of companies and customers. Based in Sta. Bárbara – Tarragona, its main activity is the manufacture, assembly and turnkey supply of precast concrete compact substations, integrating a full range of Efacec products and skills.

• Turnkey Precast Substations

High and Medium Voltage Switchgear
• Medium Voltage Primary distribution switchgear, up to 36 kV
• Medium Voltage Secondary distribution switchgear, up to 36 kV
• Medium Voltage Circuit-breakers – No-load/SF6 automatic switches
• Medium Voltage Pole-mounted on-load disconnectors (IATS)
• Disconnecting switches up to 400 kV – Horizontal, Vertical and pantograph
• Automatic up to 72.5 kV and High Voltage Draw-out switchgear units


Servicing
Maintenance Management of Transformers in Substations:

Multi-annual Contracts
• In-service transformer:
o Sample collection for oil testing: Physical chemistry test and analysis of gases through gas chromatography

• Out-of-service transformer:
o Inspection of protections, alarm and trigger testing
o Inspection of the cooling system
o Inspection of the overall condition of the transformer, including the cleaning of terminals
o Inspection of the on-load tap changer, checking the controls

Assembly and commissioning of Monitoring Systems for transformers:
• On-line analysis of several parameters, including temperatures and oil-dissolved gases.
Inspection and Maintenance of On-load tap changers, on-site and in the factory:
• Tap-changer
• Controls
• Electrical Testing

Oil testing lab, aimed at the following types of tests:
• Physical chemistry
• Analysis of Dissolved Gases (DGA)
• Analysis of furan compounds
• Content of Particles
• Detection of PCBs / Level of Chloride
• Level of Passivation

Engineering
Our activities include turnkey engineering systems such as:

• Conceptual and detailed project
• Procurement
• Erection and testing

These activities also include R&D, where qualified and innovative teams are responsible for developing state-of-the-art software and hardware in this field.

Power Generation
In the scope of power generation, Efacec is dedicated to the design and construction of systems and solutions, particularly turnkey-type projects:
• Thermoelectric power plants
• Cogeneration power plants
• Hydroelectric power plants
• Small hydroelectric power plants
• Biomass power plants
• Wave power plants
• Wind farms
• Solar energy
• Combined cycle and traditionally thermal (project, supply, installation, commissioning tests, maintenance contracts, EPC)
• Renewable energies (additional generation facilities: study and project, supply, assembly and commissioning tests)


Automation
• Grid management systems (DMS and SCADA);
• Integrated systems for protection and control of substations;
• Remote units;
• Generic protection and control units;
• Automation systems of hydroelectric power plants;


Maintenance
The experience and expertise of the Efacec Group allow it to render high-quality services and offer a vertical integration of skills, from pre-sales to after-sales, developing relations of cooperation with its customers.

• Energy
• Industry
• Railway Transportation
• Road Infrastructures
• Buildings
• Health
• Analyzing systems 


Maintenance and repair operations in:

• Water Treatment Stations
• Pumping Stations
• Wastewater Treatment Stations
• Lift Stations
• Air Filtration Systems
• Air Conditioning Systems
• Hydraulic Systems 


In the field of renewable energies Efacec carries out activities in every aspect, whether as a main contractor, installer or supplier of equipments. Our mission is to be present in the entire value chain of renewable energies, investing in the development of technologies, products, solutions and project management systems, actively contributing towards the improvement of the environment on a global basis.
The value added and differentiating feature that Efacec offers is its ability to manage complex projects while integrating several technologies.

Turnkey projects
• Photovoltaic Solar Power Plants
• Wind Farms
• Small Hydro Power Plants

Maintenance in Renewables
• Maintenance of Photovoltaic Farms
• Maintenance of Wind Farms
• Maintenance of Substations
• Thermographs
• Repairs
• Large-scale Corrections

Transportation
By improving its main skills, the Efacec Group has ensured a leadership position on a global scale in the field of transportation, sustained by an increasing specialization of its offers in this market of great demand and high level of social responsibility.

• Energy
• Systems
• Auxiliary Systems
• Services  

Efacec develops and designs automated products and systems for production processes. The company’s services, though global and flexible, are aimed essentially at the heavy and process industries, manufacturing industry and consumer goods industry. It is especially worth mentioning the activities developed in the airport sector, including procedures carried out in the logistics systems of airports worldwide.

Industrial Logistics and Services:
• Automated warehouses: ASRS and Miniload
• Self-supporting Warehouses
• Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV)
• Continuous Maintenance Systems
• Order Sorting and Preparation Systems
• Conveyor Systems
• Warehouse Management Systems
• Continuous Maintenance: pallets, boxes, coils, heavy and wide loads
• Loads: from 1 kg up to 10.000 kg

• Baggage Conveyor Systems
• Air Cargo Warehouses
• Aircraft Parts Warehouses

Management / IT:
• Monitoring and Control Systems
• Warehouse Management Systems and Transport Control Systems