Efacec is an expert in equipment and solutions for Medium and High Voltage electrical networks. The Efacec Switchgear business unit has more than 50 years experience in the development, production and sales of solutions for electrical Transmission and Distribution systems.
Our experience, flexibility and capacity to innovate allow us to present customers with solutions adapted to their needs.
Technologic and organisational innovation had allowed Efacec to create a complete portfolio of systems and products capable to meet our client’s most demanding needs.

Advanced technology applied to equipment development and production allows us to adapt to ever changing market needs and offer advantages such as ease of installation, automation and improved reliability.
With a quality management system certified according ISO 9001, 14001 and OSHAS 18001, we are equipment and system experts in the field of energy transmission and distribution.
Solutions for electric Power Applications
- HV Switch-disconnectors (horizontal, vertical, pantograph)
- HV draw-out units
- Operating mechanisms
- MV auxiliary equipment

Solutions for electrical Distribution systems
- MV/MV substations
- MV/LV substations

Solutions for Industrial applications
A range of products suitable for almost every type of industrial applications, from production lines to process and heavy-industry.
Solutions for infrastructural systems
A range of products suitable for Airports, Railway, Harbour and Tunnel  
Construction applications
Products suitable for energy distribution of Hotels, offices, warehouses, hospitals e and residential areas.

Product portfolio: 

High Voltage
• Horizontal type switch-disconnectors of centre break (SHD/SHN), single side  (SH1R) or double side break (SHCR)
• Earthing switches of single (STN/STS) or double movement (STD/MLSE) type
• Vertical type switch-disconnectors  (SVN/SVL)
• Pantograph type  switch-disconnectors (SXD/SXN)
• Draw out units and HV circuit breakers (GL 107/309)
• Operating mechanisms (CSE1/CSM1/CS2000, MR, CL2E)

Medium Voltage
• Outdoor stainless steel compact substation (PUCINOX)
• Outdoor concrete compact substation (PUCBET )
• Frame mounted compact substation (PUB)
• Metalclad air-insulated type switchgear (NORMACEL) with withdrawable vacuum circuit breaker (DIVAC)
• Air-insulated switchgear frame type (NORMACEL) with withdrawable vacuum circuit breaker (DIVAC), earthing switch and interlocks
• Metalclad air-insulated type switchgear (QBN7) with withdrawable vacuum (DIVAC) or gas (DIFLU) circuit breaker
• Air insulated modular switchgear (NORMAFIX)
• Gas-insulated compact or modular type RMU (FLUOFIX GC)
• Outdoor gas-insulated compact RMU (FLUOFIX GC.T)
• Vacuum type circuit breaker (DIVAC)
• Gas type circuit breaker (DIFLU)
• Pole mounted gas-insulated switch-disconnector (IATS)
• Indoor switch-disconnector (ISP)  
• Disconnector (SE)


  • Efacec Switchgear Catalog
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  • Portfolio of Solutions - High and Medium Voltage Switchgear
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