Through the development of its own advanced technology and the expertise gained through over 30 years of system implementation experience, Efacec Automation focuses on engineered solutions for the control and management of electric power networks. Based upon a philosophy of innovation and differentiation, Efacec Automation continually demonstrates a strong integration capability, supported by the diverse technological competencies acquired through our long history.


Efacec Automation operates globally, with worldwide activities in its Strategic Markets making use of local production, engineering, technical support and commercial assets, according to the needs of each specific market. Its activity focuses strongly on Europe and Brazil, as well as other target markets that include Maghreb, Southern Africa, Middle East, India and Latin America.


Efacec Automation designs, develops and delivers solutions in accordance with certified management systems that are distinguished by the use of innovative technology to carefully fulfil our client's requirements and exceed their expectations.


Efacec Automation provides products and solutions for electrical power grids, transportation, cities and industry & utilities.



Transmission and Distribution Grids and Power Generation




Cities, Industry & Utilities



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